30 kilowatts wind turbine pitch control system

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Anhui, China (Mainland)
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Model Number:
Wind Power Generator
Rated power(W):
Charging voltage (V):
Blade quantity:
Rotor blade material:
Rotor blade diameterm (m):
Start-up wind speed (m/s):
3.0 m/s
7 patents
Generator type:
3 Phase AC Permanent magnet
Over speed protection:
pitch control
3000 Set/Sets per Month more is acceptable
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Shipped in 30 days after payment
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Configuration3 Blades,Horizontal axis,Upwind
Rotor Diameter13.2m
Blade Length 6.2m
Swept Area136.85m2
Direction Of RotationClockwise(Facing rotor)
Blades Material Fiberglass Reinforced Compsite
Rated Power30kw
Direct Voltage620V,DC
Direct Current 48.39A,DC
Start-up Wind Speed3.0m/s
Rated Rotaing Rate50r/min
Working Wind Speed1.5-20m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
AlternatorPermenant Magent Alternator,SCF Technolgy
Energy Monitoring &User contolSiemens Touch Screen,Siemens PLC Controller,Internet Telecom & Remote Monitoring
GearboxNone,Direct Drive Generator Design
Pitch Control SystemSiemens Servo Motor Drive 3pcs Blades
Yawing SystemSiemens Servo Motor Drive to Yaw
Hydraulic Braking SystemSiemens Servo Motor Drive Breaking Cylinder

Utrasonic,have electrical heating function

 Over Speed ProtectionPitch control
Shutting Down MethodBlades Feathering 90° Degree,Hydraulic Breaking rotor blade



Output Power Curve:








H13.2-30KW Wind Turbine Generator With  PLC Controller 

Hummer H13.2-30kw Wind Turbine Generator which features high efficiency and low rated wind speed introducing several patented technologies and some special materials.
 1. SCF Supercritical Generator
Hummer wind turbine generator adopts SCF supercritical technology which won the gold award in the 37th Salon Eureka in Brussels. This technology makes it real that the weight and size of Hummer 30kW wind turbine generator are one-third of the traditional one and promotes to improve its more efficiency, which ensures the perfect operation of wind turbine under the condition of gentle breeze.
2. SKF Bearings 
Hummer wind turbine Generator adopts two SKF (Svenska Kullager Fabriken) bearings which are produced by one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world.The bearings can operate at high temperature and at low temperature -50 degrees. In addition, with the perfect internal geometric structure,they not only process higher rated load capacity, but also achieve a great decrease of maintenance costs and a lifetime endurance comparing with the ordinary ones that need to be changed every two or three years.  
 3. PLC Integrated with Siemens Module
The control system of Hummer wind turbine adopts smart touch-screen PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which is integrated with Siemens controlling unit. PLC will alarm and adjust the abnormal running status of wind turbine automatically, timely and efficiently. Siemens module is highly reliable to our PLC which can be testified by our worldwide customers.
 4. Low Noise
Hummer wind turbine rotor blade adopts the airfoil design, which is compliance with the aerodynamic standards. It enables to provide a more attractive appearance and higher efficiency. Furthermore, it reduces the noise production as much as possible.
 5. Triple Braking Protection
Hummer wind turbine generally adopts yawing system and electromagnetic braking system to regulate the rotation of wind turbine within a safe speed range. Besides, customers can order hydraulic braking system as a third protection. It is easy and convenient to shut down the whole system both manually and automatically. 





1. Generator Body and Hub
Hummer wind turbine generator part is constituted by generator mainbody, hub and nose cone. Hummer generator mainbody is one of most highly-advanced generators in the world and it contains four core patent technologies. Made of efficient permanent magnetic materials, special copper alloy, high-strength stainless steel, glass reinforced resins, aeronautic aluminum alloys, the generator part is extremely light in weight, small in size and high-efficiency in power yield.
Hub contains pitch servo motor, reducer and blades, etc.

2. Nacelle
Nacelle part contains yaw gearbox, yaw servo motor, reducer, ultrasonic anemometer and hydraulic braking system, cooling recycling system, etc. 
3. Blades
The blades are made of glass reinforced plastic and can efficiently convert the wind energy into the mechanical energy. Three blades are in one set and each set has passed the strict balance test before shipment. It is important to fix the blades together that belongs to the same set to the flange and never mix them up with other blades that belongs to another wind turbine.
4. Ultrasonic anemometer
Anemometer receives wind signal, indicates wind direction and reads average value of the angle measured by anemometer every 120s. If the angle read by anemometer is larger than 10°, wind generator controller will drive servo motor with yaw shaft to deviate so as to fulfill the function of facing wind automatically.
Anemometer measures the real-time wind speed. If the wind keeps to be over 2.5m/s within 20 seconds, the automatic wind tracking program will start up to make the rotor blades parallel to the wind correctly; if the wind speed drops below 2.5m/s, the tracking program will turn to stand-by.
Compared with the mechanical dogvane, it has no any mechanical rotating components, so it is non-abrasion, maintenance-free, and long lifespan, further more, it is enable to measure steady and accurate wind information, it is good for improving system performance.
And ultrasonic anemometer has electrical heating function,if it is frozen under 40℃ subzero, it helps unfreeze automatically.
5.  PLC Controller
Hummer PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) adopts Siemens controlling module. It is equipped with a touch-screen, which can alarm and adjust the abnormal running status of wind turbine automatically. Users can remotely monitor and set the running status of the system on the touch-screen. 
6. Rectifier/Dump Load Controller & Dump Load Box
The controller controls the process of which the AC produced by wind turbine being rectified into DC and eventually charges the battery bank with DC. It also controls the switching on and off of the dump load to protect the system against the risk of being overloaded with too much power.
Metal box design of the dump load radiates the heat of the resistance inside quickly via the air convection. So there is no need for an extra fan.
7.Off-grid Inverter & On-grid Inverter 
Hummer off-grid inverter adopts SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology. It is able to convert DC with higher efficiency into AC with stable frequency and voltage and filter the noise as well. It is generally used in the off-grid power system.Hummer on-grid inverter adopts MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). It is able to convert DC with a high capacity in power producing into a wider AC voltage output range. It is connected to the public grid and there is no need to connect with any power storage devices.






Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: Factory. Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd. is a famous high and new tech enterprise which is specialized in R&D and the production of wind turbines. With 11 million RMB registered capital, the company covers an area of 7.5 acres, a cradle for independent research, development, production and sales.

Q: What are your advantages?
A: Hummer has its own scientific research team which is composed of experts who have got special government allowance support. With SCF generator supercritical technology as the core, we have developed Hummer wind turbines, and got sixteen patents. We adopt Siemens PLC and touch screen for Hummer control system, as well as SKF bearings for high quality Hummer wind turbines.

Q: Do you have any certificates?
A: Hummer wind turbine system has passed CE certificate and its generator has passed UL certificate.

Q: How many types of the wind turbines do we have?
A: We now have Off-Grid Inverter turbine and Grid-Tied Inverter turbine. Our turbines include 400w,500w,600w,1kw,2kw,3kw,5kw,10kw,20kw,30kw,40kw,50kw,60kw,100kw,200kw,together with the controller, inverter and tower etc.

Q: What types of tower's do you offer?
A: Hummer offers Guyed Wire, Free standing tower, and hydraulic tower.

Q: What are the accessories of the wind turbine?
A: Generator body, yaw shaft, blades, tail rod, tail wing, Ultrasonic dogvane/anemometer, PLC controller, inverter, tower, GEL battery etc.

Q: What type of warranty comes with a Hummer wind turbine?
A: All Hummer wind turbine come with a standard 2 Year Limited Warranty for generator system and all other parts 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Q: Don't I have to take wind measurements for a year or more?
A: For most residential systems the cost of taking wind measurements is not justified. Wind resource data published by the U.S. Department of Energy is sufficient for an experienced evaluator to predict wind turbine performance. In very hilly or mountainous areas, however, it may be best to collect wind data before purchasing a system to ensure that your site is not in a sheltered area.

Q: How reliable are wind turbines? Will I have to perform much maintenance?
A: Most small turbines have very few moving parts and do not require any regular maintenance. They are designed for a long life (up to 20 years) and operate completely automatically.

Q: Can I only buy parts not whole system?
A: YES, for example you can manufacture tower in local, we can supply you tower drawing.